We dedicate our TIME learning the drone-technology industry and how it could help the society with our own R&D team piloting Innovation in SECURITY, RACING and SPACE EXPLORATION.

Our specialty and passion are with the FPV MICRO drones. Be it brushed or brush-less drones, winged or multi-copters. 

We also provide Aerial solutions such as Aerial Cinematography, FPV Training, and Surveillance, 

Our Clients and Collaborators:

..came back from Warsaw with a change of heart. He planned to resurrect his childhood dream of becoming a pilot while pursuing his passion of being an entrepreneur 

It all started with an idea to deliver fruits using drones for 'Fruta Fresca' customers in Cyberjaya in 2012. The idea was put to bed 6 months later when Fruta Fresca had to shut down it's operations due to unforeseen circumstances.


On the 2nd of December 2016 - Anwar was going to the airport to catch his flight to Warsaw to visit his girlfriend. On the way to the airport, Anwar asked a friend if he would mentor him for his PPL licensing. He agreed

Anwar came back from Warsaw with a change of heart. He planned to resurrect his childhood dream of becoming a pilot while pursuing his passion of being an entrepreneur - and drones was what he thought could be used to help the planet and founded Dronsta in January the 16th, 2017.

Along the journey, he met with like-minded people, and started this movement called #dronstamovement . And part of this movement are Azaam - E-Sports Director, Haqeem - The Relationship Manager, and Anil - The UAV Specialist.

1. We have successfully organized 8 ‘MicroGTA Race Series’ and co-organized 2 other micro drone races in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, and Johor Bharu. You can watch all the highlights here at https://www.dronsta.net/microgta

i.    MicroGTA Race Series I at 46 Fans Café - Subang Jaya
ii.    MicroGTA Race Series II at Joker Café, Shah Alam
iii.    MGP Perak SilverYouth MicroGTA, Ipoh
iv.    Amateurs MicroGTA at 46 Fans Café – Subang Jaya
v.    MicroGTA Race Series V at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya
vi.    MicroGTA Race Series VI at MAEPS, Seri Kembangan
vii.    MicroGTA Race Series Bonus at The Linc, Kuala Lumpur

viii. Perbadanan Putrajaya MicroGTA 2019, Auditorium Cempaka Sari Putrajaya

ix. MicroGTA Tour 2020 Kuala Lumpur at Damen Mall - Subang Jaya

2. We have secured monthly aerial video reporting since 2018 for AZSM MRT V202 (AZRB) 

3. We have successfully launched Micro Drone Classroom Training for kids on the 2nd of December 2018. The most students handled in a single class is 30 pupil as of 3rd of July 2019 held in STEM Centre, Damen Mall Subang Jaya.

     We have also worked with TEGAS to give 120 students on FPV training at their event DROBOTEK on the 3rd - 5th October in Kuching, Sarawak.

4. We have collaborated with the STEM Movement for exhibitions in Jaya One, Damen Mall Subang Jaya and The Linc KL in 2018 to encourage and attract students to be more open toward Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects showcasing the micro drones.

5. We have conducted a micro drone sub event for Agensi Inovasi Malaysia’s Innorace 2018. 
We have also performed a Tiny Whoop demo for the opening ceremony of #MyDroneX2019 in Futurise, Cyberjaya.


   We also have organized a MicroGTA Micro drone race DEMO as event content purposes;

                  i.     MyDroneX 2019 MicroGTA demo at Futurise, Cyberjaya

                  ii.    NOSS Launching Event at JW Mariott KL on the 24th July 2019

                  iii.   National Science Day Celebration event at PPAS on the 3rd and 4th Aug 2019

                  iv.   SunSuria Forum GoPlay Toys & Games Fair 18th Aug 2019

                  v.   Petrosains Science Vestival 2019 - Micro Drone Race Demo

6. Our area of expertise in the aerial cinematography is working with cars and moving objects. We have worked with Driven Communications Sdn Bhd, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari and Drift Factory in the past; 

                  i.     Porsche – License To Thrill 2017

                  ii.    BMW CEO Challenge 2017

                  iii.   MSF (Malaysian Speed Festival) 2017

                  iv.   Malaysian Motoring & TBC (The Breakfast Crew) - Sunny Side Up Car convoy event 2018

                   v.   Drift Factory Series 1 2019

                  vi.   Ferrari Challenge APAC 2019 – Sepang International Circuit

                 vii.   Drift Factory Auto Team Vlog 1 2019

                viii.   Official Drone Pilots for 86 Festival 2019 in Sepang

                  ix.   Drift Factory – Up close and personal with drifter Jason Lim and his 180sx (AW2                                         Malaysian Drift Series 2019)

                   x.   Produced Carlist Drive Auto Fair 2019 – Drift Factory VLOG 16th - 18th Aug 2019

                  xi.   BMW M 2019 Digital Media advertisement - FPV scene shoot 11th Oct 2019 

                  xii.   Marabahaya Film Drift - FPV scene shoot

                 xiii.   Realisasi Selebriti Astro Series Drift with Zizan Razak - FPV scene shoot

                xiv.   Rempit 2 Film Motocross - FPV scene shoot

                xv.   Produced Zestino Tires - Zen Low Digital Media advertisement 2019

                xvi.   Produced Drive 4 Paul DRIFT SHOW by Drift Factory 2019 highlight video - 12th Oct 2019

                xvii.   Produced Drift Kings International Series Malaysia Rounds 2019 Promo video

                xviii.   Produced Drift Kings International Series Malaysia Rounds 2019 Highlights video

                xix.   FPV Team for Drift Kings International Series Malaysia Rounds 2019

                xx.   Content Partner for Drift Kings International Series Malaysia Rounds 2019

                xxi.   Produced Jangsu Mist - Bullzai Digital Media advertisement 2019

                xxii.  TVS Motor advertisement 2019 - FPV scene shoot

                xxiii.  Oman International Drift Championship - OBG Adventurers Team Support 
Videography 2020

                xxiv.  Redbull Digital Media advertisement 2020 - Drone video Support

COD Site Subang Jaya

Subang Soho (One Soho)


Jalan Kemajuan Subang,

47500 Subang Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Dronsta specializes in Micro Drones for both brushed and brushless drones. We have variety of choices in drones and parts such as the motors, the flight controllers, fpv cameras, escs, frames, propellers and many more. We also do repair works.

We also provide Aerial photography / videography services. Most of our clientele are engineering companies, media, magazines and individuals who are looking for professional, reliable and skillful pilots for the job at hand.

Also, find us on YouTube for some entertaining, or educational, or perhaps both, videos about drones and its industry in Malaysia. Our YouTube ID is Dronsta Ventures

Fly safe everyone!

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